Touch & Talk Speech Communication and Therapy System


Touch & Talk Speech Communication and Therapy System. Speech Communication Software for patients suffering from Autism, Stroke, ALS, MD, Cancer, Trauma, Hearing disabilities or other related speech disabilities. True speech communication between patients and caregivers.

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The Touch & Talk Speech Communication System is designed for those patients suffering from any medical condition that has caused a speech communication disability. Touch & Talk assumes that the patient has retained the ability to read and form sentences with words and allows the patient a flexible approach for direct spoken communications to family members and caregivers. The patient simply clicks or taps words from alphabetized lists or commonly used phrases and then click the green speak button for fully automated narration of the desired text in a male or female voice. Touch & Talk utilizes large buttons and text to assist the patient in regaining motor control and coordination as a quality of life therapy tool.

Touch & Talk utilizes the latest text to speech technology from Microsoft with the option of a female or male voice. The user can select the voice gender, stop, start or even repeat the desired text to speech narration. If your computer has a soundboard and speakers, the Touch & Talk Speech Communication System allows for true communication between the disabled patient, care giver and family.

The Touch & Talk control panel allows the user or caregiver the ability to set all system parameters including patient name, speakers voice gender, screen resolution, emergency button setup, alarm and medication reminders and viewing of the patient logging feature.

Touch & Talk also includes an emergency button that when activated, allows a pre-recorded emergency message to be spoken in case of emergency. As an option, the emergency button can be linked to your phone and the 911 system for those patients that have limited access to caregivers (requires additional hardware). Caregivers and family members also have access to a master log that can be used in the event of an emergency or if the patient is not capable of communication with emergency services.

Touch & Talk incorporates an on-screen speaking keyboard that can be used to enter words or phrases by typing, clicking with the mouse or tapping with a pen/stylus on a touch enabled computer. This flexible keyboard is designed to act just as your computers keyboard with the added benefits of large “key” buttons, multiple entry modes and the ability to allow the computer to speak the selected text. Actual patient use has shown the Touch & Talk keyboard to be a great therapy tool that not only assists the patient in building hand-eye coordination but also allowing the choice of multiple input methods as therapy progresses.

Touch & Talk includes up to four automated medication reminders and four general alarms that can be customized to assist the patient with scheduled reminders for important daily activities. The alarms and reminders work just like an alarm clock and can be turned on or off as needed. The medication and alarm feature can be preset or changed by the patient, caregivers or family members at anytime.

The Touch & Talk Speech Communication System is also available on a USB flash disk for complete freedom of use on other computers while the patient is away from his or her home computer. With the optional instant messaging module, patients may also chat or instant message caregivers or family members from any computer connected to the internet!