Snake Battle


Give your snake a combination of skills and attributes and let him loose in the arena to see if he wins.

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Ancient times – gladiator fights. Middle centuries – knight tournaments. Computer era – … ?

What do you think about a notion which can continue this line? If you haven’t guessed yet (but we have serious doubts about it), we’ll prompt you: that will be a fight of intellects, and in particular – our computer game:


This game will bring you all the visual feelings of an audience in an amphitheatre and of ladies sitting at the castle balcony, as well as:

  • a miracle feeling of creation of new alive being by your hands
  • excitement of inveterate fan at the final competition with participation of your favorite sportsman
  • sufferings of misunderstanding and joy of discovery
  • philosophical reflections and active work
  • deep melancholy of defeat and high inspiration of victory.

The game in general can be logically divided into two stages:

1. Creation of a snake-fighter by means of forming the collection of cards defines it’s behavior at the fight
2. Snake’s fight as a tournament and as a show-totalizator.