rpsoft_2000 Blackjack Game


A fun and powerful blackjack game for the enthusiast. It has nine best-play hint charts and also plays many of the latest variations of Blackjack, including the standard game, Spanish 21, Superfun 21, 6:5 blackjack, Double Diamond Blackjack, and more on its extensive options page. For fun, dealer’s voice counts the card values for you, and shills (robot players) and sound effects add to the game. For fun or for serious practice and learning also.

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Fun Blackjack and much more:

Fun Features:

  • Dealer’s voice (optional) counts cards for the players and robot players
  • 100 Robot players (shills) available that are randomly selected as company at the table. These players have 25 different approaches to betting and playing strategy.  Good company at the table. If a shill runs out of money they will be automatically replaced by another at the table just as in a real game.
  • Up to four real players can play.  For each of four chairs, one can select a real player, a robot player, or no player at that seat
  • Shuffle at the right times
  • Counts of the hand in play are shown on screen, plus the last count.  Dealer’s count is also shown on screen.  This is in addition to the voice.
  • Sound Effects (optional) add occasional background sound
  • Options allow turn on or off of the sounds / and of saving of the options and current stakes for the next play

Options and Assistance for the Gamer:

  • Options allow normal Blackjack plus Spanish 21 6 deck or 8 deck, or Super Fun 21 Single Deck plus further options
  • Further options allow the changing of the number of decks, the dealer hitting soft-17, and many of the individual portions of Spanish 21 / Super Fun 21 such as 5,6,7 card auto wins or additional hitting, doubling or surrendering allowances.
  • A total of 9 hint charts are provided – 2 for simplified play, and 7 for full table complex play for the various games.  All tables were developed through extensive work by the author.  The program will automatically select the right two tables: a simplified one and a more complex one for the game being played.
  • The deal mechanism has been designed and tested to ensure that it matches the odds of real decks in play and the selected number of cards per deck to deal down to
  • Help is provided complete with category look up, search, and / or just simple reading of the rules
  • For the very serious gamer, a deck modification is allowed to remove certain cards from the deck.  There is no normal need for this option, however, since the deck is adjusted for Spanish 21 (removal of 10s) and regular blackjack (all cards except jokers) automatically.

For the beginner

  • one of course can simply load and play the game – perhaps only selecting at first the choice of number of decks in play – 1 or 6 for example.
  • Simplified hint charts are supplied for the beginner also, to help learn the game
  • One of course can advance into the more complex game options and hint charts in time

Limitations:  only one split per player is allowed (two hands per player max) and only 8 cards per hand is allowed.  This is mostly due to available space on the table.

Both a Fun game plus serious practice for the gamers among us!