Organic Chemistry Tutor


The Organic Chemistry Tutor is a very useful program designed for the beginning organic chemistry student, however, this program can also be used as a general student aid in any College Chemistry Department.

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Organic Chemistry Tutor is a great educational aid for the beginning organic chemistry student and a perfect teaching tool for the seasoned professional. The Organic Chemistry Tutor answers the following questions and many more.

  • How do you prepare acetylenes?
  • What is the nomenclature (naming system) for aliphatic alcohols, amines, ethers, esters, halogen compounds and many more?

Included in this program are over 200 organic chemistry reactions called the BIG QUIZ, where the starting materials are given and before pressing a key for the answer, the student must anticipate the outcome of the reaction. A thorough knowledge of the material presented in this program will enable the student to anticipate the outcome of many times this number of reactions.

Example of one of the reactions from the BIG QUIZ.