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Movie Library was designed as a visual catalog of your entire movie DVDs. If you have a large collection of movie DVDs, then Movie Library is for you. The software is designed so you can quickly import images from their front cover as a visual search tool. You then fill out the information for the Movie such as “Title”, “Genre”, “Plot”, “Cast”, “Date Purchased”, etc. This information can be later used to search for the Movie you need.

For added convenience, movies can be previewed using attached trailers or movie clips.


  • Catalogs all your movies collection in Microsoft Access databases.
  • Visual access of movies by importing images from scanners or files.
  • Plays movie trailers.
  • Sorts movies by any fields in any order.
  • Full search tool.
  • Unique indexing allows quick retrieval of movie from DVD management system.
  • Flexible enough to allow users to design their own Access databases.
  • Large capacity per library and multiple libraries allow unlimited growth.


  • Movie Rental Stores.
  • Home Movie Collections.

Use Movie Library for your movie management system such as the Sharper Image motorized CD organizers WM-800, SI793TNM, SI794TNM, SI797TNM, the KDS CDM-751 CD Organizer, the Dacal CD-101 CD Library, etc. Why would you spend money to purchase Movie Library while some CD/DVD management system comes with free software? Good question, the answer is Movie Library is a professional caliber database management software based on the Microsoft Access 2000 database engine, much better than the software bundled with the KDS CDM-751 or CD-101 (the Sharper Image units are standalone and have no software at all.) I purchased the above 2 systems to catalog my CD but became dissatisfied with their software that I decided to build Movie Library.

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The second advantage of Movie Library over its competitors is the software deals with one of the most popular and widely used desktop databases: the Microsoft Access. Its competitors use proprietary database formats. You wouldn’t trust your data with any proprietary database format, would you? Nowadays, companies are going out of business every day. What happens if the company you purchased your database closed its doors? Your database is being unsupported and its data is in peril if irretrievable. With Movie Library, even if our company goes out of business, you can still be sure to be able to have access to your data using Access 2000 or future version of Access.

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