MANAGE Your Books! 95


Feature packed program to manage your personal, club, school, church or business library. Unlimited capacity. Holds 28 information fields for each book plus a 64K note field. Has full featured print preview plus a Query Wizard and more.

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MANAGE Your Books! is a powerful, feature-packed, easy-to use program to organize and manage a personal, club, school, or business library. The program automatically indexes each entry by Title, Author, Subject, Book#, Catalog# and type. The program fields include, Title, Author, Co-Author, Subjects (3), Type, Edition, Issue, Year, Pages, Book #, Catalog #, ISBN, Rating, Publisher, Location, Purchase Price, Current Value, Purchase Date, Where Purchase, Condition, High Market Value, Low Market Value, Note 1, Note 2, Loaned, Borrower, Due Date and a 64K memo field.

Browse Window

Click one of the six browse window tabs to display the data in a different sort order. VCR controls allow quick navigation through the database. Letter locators A – Z allow you to quickly move through the browse window based on the index tab currently selected.

Query Wizard

The query wizard allows you to quickly create and save your own queries in plain English. The Query Wizard interface is very easy-to-use and guides your through building the query step-by-step. Use the queries to view the data in the browse window or to print a report. Just print or view the item or items desired. Can save, recall and modify previously saved queries.


Includes eight different reports and a full featured print preview.