Magic Squares


Puzzle game to make squares into a Magic Square with various settings to change the difficulty rating. Has Magic Squares using the signal flag numerals to indicate the numbers. Hard or easy : that depends on the settings by the user.

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When each column, row and diagonal of a square adds up to the same number, it is known as a MAGIC SQUARE.

The squares are presented with the numbers placed at random. The Numbers are then moved around until the status of a MAGIC SQUARE is attained. There is a choice of square 3, square 4 and square 5 types. Help is available in various ways to ensure that the puzzles can be solved either the easy or the hard way.


You control the standard of difficulty. Your skill in numbers can be set to be tested from elementary to very difficult. MAGIC SQUARES consisting of SIGNAL FLAGS representing numbers make it even more a mind bender and will require a lot of mental arithmetic.The time taken and the number of moves required to complete the MAGIC SQUARE is shown, making a contest possible.

This Virtual MAGIC SQUARE Program will give you many hours of quiet leasure, taking away the daily stress and giving relaxation in return. A MUST FOR THE TRUE PUZZLE FAN !