Electrochemical Cells Pro


Virtual Battery Builder. Alter cell properties such as temperature, pH, concentration and pressure. Easily edit or add new half. Over 1600 cells provided. Automatic equation formatting. Half equations for cells can be viewed and balanced by the program. Cell Voltage, electron flow, anode cathode, positive negative, oxidation reduction can be shown or hidden. The cells can be copied and pasted to a word processor or printed directly or saved as a picture file.

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A Virtual Battery Builder

Build virtual Electrochemical Cells

Design batteries.
Learn about oxidation and reduction by building cells, like the Lead-Acid (car) battery or the 1.5 Volt batteries you buy at the store.

The Main Screen

Drag-Drop electrodes from the Electrode Selector, or
Electrode Selector

buttonrandomly generate cells, from over 1600 already provided

View half equations or get the program to balance equations for cells for you, and show where oxidation and reduction are taking place
Floating toolbar

Display Cell Voltage, electron flow, anode, cathode, positive and negative electrodes for any cell you care to make.
Floating toolbar

button Copy and paste cells to your word processor
button Print cells pictures directly
button Save cells as picture files in a wide variety of picture formats

buttonThe Half Cell Editor makes it easy to enter any half equation

  • Add new half cells, or
  • Edit one of over 50 half cells already provided
  • now with Auto Half Cell to make entering equations even easier, and
  • Automatic formatting of chemical equations
  • Customise cell color
  • Recognition of gases and non-ionic solutions
  • Save any number of data files

The Cell Properties Window

Cell Properties Window

  • Alter the conditions in each half cell:
    *   temperature, by clicking the thermometer or entering a value
    *   pH, by dragging the track bar or entering a value
    *   concentrations, and
    *   pressure
    to see the effect on Reduction Potential
  • full Nernst Equation support