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CVP optimizer helps to find an optimum of margin income for the product group trading. It builds the Variable Expenses-Maximum of Margin Income graph (surface) from the Price-Demand Forecast data (correct or interval) and gives the information for every point: optimal price for each product, variable expenses, inventory control data etc. Experts can use this tool for preliminary planning, pricing, investment project estimation and inventory control support.

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The Markowitz-Sharpe approach as used in application to logistics.

Are you in charge of logistics management and planning for your company’s activities? Do you want to increase income and reduce costs for a wide range of goods and services you produce and render? Do you want to use a powerful Markowitz-Sharpe-approach-based tool for portfolio investments analysis as applied to your company’s business? If you do, the CVP optimizer is sure to help you find real reserves and reduce the routine work you do when analyzing profitability and working on planning!

Everyone who is involved in planning industrial or commercial activities is aware of a very high extent to which costs depend on the volume of products released to the trading network. On the other hand, the curve that shows how income depends on demand and prices is not just a simple line, especially if income and demand are so far at the stage of being forecast. But what if we combine these two kinds of relationships in one diagram? How does income really depend on costs? In that case we obtain a graph that shows a complicated curve.

Now again, what if we take into account forecast errors and large amounts of goods that yield a return and require expenses at the same time? We then obtain an intricate surface graph with ridges and dips looking like a heavy sea. It may well be that while on a voyage on that rolling sea you might not be able to make final plans, but you are more than likely to find a way of really cutting costs which actually come down to quite a lot of money! If you are ready to set off on that voyage, this program is going to be your reliable sailing ship equipped with all the tools and instruments needed for navigation – from a direct cost optimizer to a simple model of the inventory control system!

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