Cresotech PhotoPoint


Multimedia tool to create a photo presentation simply and quickly. Put your photos into the separate folders and… That’s all! Press single button and enjoy the show. Create a photo presentation or slide show using 150 different special effects.

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Cresotech PHOTOPOINT is a multimedia tool that simply and quickly creates a photo presentation or personal style photo album without any technical skills!

Home users can put family photographs into the separate folders and… That’s all! Press the Start Presentation and enjoy the powerful image show. Change the software style for your own taste to greatly increase the fun and entertainment. PhotoPoint is also intended for professional use to create advertisements for company products and services with photographic images, corporate logos, music and frame schemes using 150 different special effects.

Cresotech PhotoPoint creates the best results with the minimum effort. It automatically displays your images stored in your target directory one after another, with flexible transition effects, frames and background music of your choice. The main software window has a skin change option and it comes with a selection of original skins. More are available for free download from the web page. Cresotech PhotoPoint supports most popular graphic formats. Customizable optional features with a detailed help system make the program user-friendly and easy to understand.