Convert2000 (Conversion Calculator)


Convert2000 is a series of 9 calculators – that can provide metric to English conversion, hex to ascii and decimal conversion, mortgage loan calculations and amortization tables, many quality conversions including temperature conversion and sigma to ppm conversion, a custom calculator section that you can program and more.

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Now 9 Calculators in one!

What is New in Version 4.1? We added three new screens: Odds calculator, Hunting calculator and Cellular Calculator. We also added many optional scientific functions to our business calculator and greatly expanded our Metrics to English conversion calculator.

BUSINESS CALCULATOR – A calculator and more. It has a printout scrolling screen area like a paper calculator would have – so you can see the past operations – and even print it out if you wish. While there are 10 memory locations, all are shown such that you can tell which you used and what is in each now. But now we also added many scientific functions for trig functions, squares, cubes, roots, logs and more. The scientific items are only there when you wish them.

METRIC CONVERSIONS – greatly expanded for weight, distance and volume, but also now adds area and speed. Other groups include temperature and hexadecimal conversion. We included the most popular items, we feel for Metric English conversion.

MORTGAGE CALCULATOR – Allows you to calculate the missing item you wish on a screen of: principal, interest rate, term length, and payment for different types of compound rates. Also allows you to print an amortization schedule.

QUALITY CALCULATOR – Does some specific calculations that might be important to those in the quality business – such as temperature conversion, conversion of sigma (as in 6 sigma) to ppm. And it also provides conversions for reliability metrics and availability.

CUSTOM CALCULATOR – If you are a realtor or in a similar business that uses math, you can set up up to nine calculations that you often use and have those equations saved for quick usage in your business or personal use.

CHINESE CALCULATOR – This one is just for fun. Gives an approximation (since it uses solar instead of lunar calendar) for which of the 12 animal signs that were used in a given year.

CELLULAR CALCULATOR – This might be primarily for those in the cellular business. It can translate cellular serial number for small or large (two types) of serial numbers between decimal or hexadecimal. And no, it is not just a simple overall conversion.

ODDS CALCULATOR – Gives three different sections on the screen that can help calculate odds for some common items. The help screen for it also provides examples and how to set up odds – something you might find both fun and interesting.

HUNTING CALCULATOR – Provides some basic information for speed and gravity for items thrown or shot. As soon as an item is thrown or shot, gravity causes it to fall. How much do you need to compensate for? If skeet shooting at a moving target, how much to lead it?

Limitations and Cautions:

Screen Sizes: This program requires a screen width at 1000 pixels or more. So a 1024 x 768 screen or one larger will work fine. A number of the screens will work on less wide screens, but it will not be as good.

Accuracy is to about 4 significant figures (except for the Chinese Calendar Calculator). With differences in definitions, rounding techniques and the difficulty in testing all possible applications of these calculators, please ensure that you verify both the calculator settings and the appropriateness of their usage for your application.