Comax allows text entry by morse code using mouse buttons or an optional morse code key. The keyboard remains functional, but is fully replaced by morse code input. Allows fast text entry using only one hand.

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The COMAX Morse Code Keyboard Replacement

Comax is a method of using morse code to replace the keyboard on computers using Windows operating systems. Comax offers input codes for all the standard keys, not just the alphabet and numbers and works with all Windows applications. Comax covers the full range of morse code speed, from the beginner using mouse input, to the handicapped using special switches, to the experienced morse operator running at high speed. Some of the Comax features are:

  • Comax is a software application. If the mouse is used for code input, no additional hardware is required.
  • The code is optionally sounded through the computer sound system, tone and volume may be adjusted.
  • One button mode (straight key) using mouse button
  • Two button keying mode (paddle) using mouse buttons
  • We offer a special Comax mouse with a key-jack for connection of your favorite key or paddle.
  • The mouse with key-jack may also be used for connection of switches for the handicapped.

Comax is a complete replacement for the keyboard. There are many applications where a morse replacement offers advantages. Some common applications are:

  • Amateur radio operators and other morse code enthusiasts will prefer code entry as an option to the keyboard. In fact experienced morse code operators can send morse code faster than most keyboard typists.
  • Having only the mouse on the desk reduces clutter and increases desk space.
  • Comax only requires one hand for sending and does not require looking at a keyboard or screen while sending.
  • Less fatigue than a keyboard, especially when using a paddle.
  • Comax is a great way to learn the morse code or to improve code speed and proficiency.
  • Comax works well with small handheld computers (such as the Sony UX) where the keyboard is too small for comfort.
  • Comax works well with handhelds or laptops in mobile operations where the rough ride makes keyboard use difficult. This includes military applications.
  • Comax works well with “wearable” computers where the screen is displayed in a headset.
  • Comax is an alternate input device for those suffering from carpel tunnel. Can be used with either hand, or even adapted to a foot switch.
  • Comax has applications for the handicapped as an alternate input device connecting to special switches or even to a brainwave scanner.
  • With practice, a person with speech impairment can send morse code fast enough for the computer to drive a speech synthesizer at near normal speech speed.

Download a trial version here: VL1_1_1.exe
The trial version has all of the functions of the full version except that the code speed is fixed at 10 wpm and certain other options related to higher code speed are not available in the trial version. The trial version is adequate for a beginner and for demonstrating the concept of Morse Code input, but as a user gains experience the full version offers speed advantages.