Christmas Bingo


A Classic game with a Christmas theme for the whole family to enjoy at the Holidays.

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It is 8 P.M. on Christmas Eve. Everyone is waiting for Santa’s visit. Reportedly, he arrives at midnight, so that means there are 4 hours to go. We have had our Christmas buffet or sit-sown dinner and everyone is just sitting around, seemingly kind of bored.
I take my Christmas Bingo game out and ask, “Who wants to play Christmas Bingo?” The kids shout out with glee, “I do, I do.” The older ladies of the group, including Granny and her two friends, who are in their 90’s, with wide grins on their faces, which can be taken to mean, “I do, I do.” A total of 10 players, from 4 to 92, wanted to join the fun. After each person has chosen their lucky card, we all ante up a nickel in the kitty and the game begins. I begin to call the names, randomly, from a deck of sixty cards, with all names related to christmas, “Dancer, 3 Wise men, Sugar plums” and so on, until someone gets all five across, down or diagonally (middle block is free) and yells “BINGO.”

Kids love it! Christmas Bingo is played like regular bingo except instead of numbers being called, Christmas things are called like, Santa, Rudolph, Silent Night, etc. There are 60 of them. On the playing cards there is a colorful picture of the item being called. This program allows you to print 10 playing sheets in full color and 60 name cards on 4 sheets.