Chemware Suite – Student Version


5 interactive Chemistry programs for High School / AP / A Level / College students. $160 worth of software in this student bundle!

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5 interactive programs to help you learn Chemistry – $160 worth of software in this student bundle!

Chemical Formula Tutor

  • Makes learning formula writing easy
  • Students will appreciate the intuitive, interactive Drag-and-Drop interface
  • Helpful tips and cursors, built-in Atom Counter, Learn Mode, Test Mode (with or without timing), and scoring
  • Customise Levels and Formulas (among other things) with the intelligent Editor


Organic Chemistry

  • Drills on Homologous Series, Structural Formula, Naming, Reactions and which Reactant to use in a reaction
  • Configure which groups to work with. Over 200 organic chemicals.
  • Student Notes on 11 Functional Groups and a Glossary of Organic Chemistry Terms are included in the Help File


Electrochemical Cells

  • Build virtual electrochemical cells with drag-and-drop
  • Learn about electrochemistry, oxidation and reduction
  • Balance oxidation reduction equations
  • Hundreds of cells are possible
  • Show electron flow, cell voltage, positive and negative electrodes, anode and cathode, oxidation and reduction


pH & Titration Curves

  • Create Titration Curves that can be zoomed, scrolled, customised and printed
  • Has an almost unlimited number pH type problems for drills
  • Quickly calculates pH, pOH, hydrogen and hydroxide ion concentrations and degree of dissociation for numbers and chemicals you enter
  • Get worked solutions to real acid-base-buffer problems that you enter


Volumetric Analysis

  • Learn a method to make titration problems simple
  • Volumetric Analysis drills have worked solutions
  • Enter numbers and chemicals to Calculate or check answers your own answers in real titrations