A Functional Analysis II: Relationships (Windows)


Relationships are like golf: so many little things can go awry. A Functional Analysis: Relationships 2.5 explores the dynamics of psychological type combinations in 16 common families. If you’re a type enthusiast, you’ll want this new guide to interpersonal dynamics.

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A Functional Analysis of Type: Relationships
contains insights toward understanding how the various types interact. You select (Type by Type) any of 256 possible combinations of types to see a diagram of the functional relationship and a description of one of 16 families of type relationships. How do INFPs and ESFJs relate? Select these types and read about Cohort relationships. ENTJ and ISFP? Select them to see the graphic inner workings of the fascinating Anima encounter.

This electronic book also contains profiles of the 16 psychological types and a functional analysis of each type, based on Jung’s function-attitude pairs. What makes us tick? Functional analysis descriptions contain insights into the inner workings of preferred functions and attitudes in the innate hierarchical orderings that exist in our various human psyches.

Version 2.5 contains the same insights as version 2.0 in much improved stand-alone formats for both Windows and Macintosh.